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Frequently asked Questions


We understand how many of our clients have never previously needed services to transport their vehicles. With the increase of online car buying sites such as Ebay Autotrader this demand has quadrupled over the last few years. We make it easy and affordable to transport your car to your required destination. If we have not answered any of your questions below please do not hesitate to contact us via phone, email or on the contact form found on the contact page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any vehicles you do not transport

We transport all vehicles up to 2.7 ton / 2700 kg runners or nonrunners.

What happens if my car is damaged in transit?

In the unlikely event of your car being damaged we have Vehicle in transit insurance which covers you up to £35,000 we also have public liability insurance up to £2 million. It is imperative for any vehicle transport company to have the valid insurances. Its what seperates professional companies like Spencers Tranportation Serviecs from those who dont. Be wise and make smart choices.

How do i Pay?

Spencers Vehicle Transportation Services  accept PayPal,  Cash on Delivery and Bank Transfer.

What areas do you cover?

 We are based in Doncaster, South Yorkshire England. Its a very central location on the UK mainland, and we cover all parts of the UK.

If I sell a car on Ebay, can you deliver the car to the purchaser

Yes absolutely, We have an increased demand for online buying and selling from sites like Ebay, Autotrader etc. We will not collect or deliver any money. Our service is simply based on Affordable Vehicle Transportation.